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Liz Longacre

Gentle Living: A spiritual niche of sorts. A way of living.
A manner of being. A striving for better. A loving of what is.


Gentle Living:

Gentle Living is a personal development and lifestyle blog for the kind, caring and sensitive who are looking for inspiration, motivation, healing, support and encouragement. It’s for those who feel connected to the world around them, to people, to nature, to animals. It’s for those with limitless potential but who sometimes need reminding of it. It’s for those who see the power in being gentle to others, to animals, to ourselves.

Our blogs and newsletters will inspire, relax, motivate and validate you. They’ll nourish your spiritual side, motivate your healthy habits, and spark your inner power.

Gentle Living embraces everything involved in living a gentle but powerful life. From self-love & acceptance, to animal welfare, to travel, to interviews with inspiring women, and more, it’s all gentle; not weak, just gentle. Being gentle is sometimes the most powerful thing you can do for yourself and the world around you.

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I’m Liz. I’m a sensitive Cancer, a lawyer, a self-growth junkie, an animal lover, a traveler, a writer… 

I believe people should treat themselves better, treat others better, and be kinder to animals and our planet. We’re all connected and our lives have a deeper meaning than some of the day to day things that preoccupy us.

I am a champion of the underdog and a believer in giving a voice to the voiceless, human and animal alike. I am highly sensitive and a bit of an emotional savant, I see the world in colors of emotion. I see people’s true essence and potential.

I love writing to inspire others to be kinder to themselves and the world around them.


The love of my life, born out of friendship & years of coincidences, Benjamin
My beautiful daughter, Rayne
Our rescue Chow/Shepherd/Etc. mix, Nishy
Learning how to treat myself better, and teaching it to others
All animals, every single magical one
Writing in coffee shops
Traveling far far away
Earthy home décor (& the lake house I hope to dream into being…)
Vegan cupcakes
Beautiful photographs
Antique everything
Surrounding myself with positive supportive gleeful people

Liz Longacre
Liz Longacre

Liz Longacre

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