Jason Mraz & Listening to Your Soul…

Jason Mraz & Listening to Your Soul…

Do you ever wonder why certain people, or their art, immediately speak to you, without you even seeing any of the details or knowing their personality? There’s just an unexplainable click, like you’re instantly connected. And suddenly you feel more at home with yourself just by being in their presence, or surrounded by their essence, their art?

A couple of weeks ago my husband took me to a Jason Mraz concert, it was an anniversary gift. I’ve been obsessed with Jason Mraz for years. As soon as I heard his music, I was hooked. He’s one of those few artists whose music just “speaks to me”? One day I’ll do a post on another artist I’m obsessed who’s likely the last person you’d expect from this gentle gal (he’s as different from Mr. Mraz as impressionist paintings and graffiti…).

Experiencing Jason’s music live was like a spiritual experience. His flawless voice, sometimes slightly Caribbean/sometimes jazzy-pop melodies, and insightful song writing are a magical combination. And when he broke out into flawless opera singing while playing the piano, there were really no words… the man is gifted.

I had obsessively listened to 2 albums before finding out that Jason was an animal lover, vegan (mostly raw), yogi and all around activist for what seems like every cause where a group is not being treated with equality or given the protection they should be. Those things were just an awesome bonus.

While I listened to him sing live it occurred to me, why was I so immediately attracted to his music? He doesn’t sing about his love of animals, etc. I was hooked before I really even understood the words to his songs. Was it pure coincidence that I was so instantly attracted to music from someone with similar ethical beliefs? Or was my soul (or whatever you want to call it) picking up on his soul, hearing something I couldn’t consciously understand.

And as I really listened to his lyrics at the concert, some songs I had never heard before, I heard fragilities from his life I had never previously picked up on. And I noticed for the first time how his music exudes messages of love for the unloved, messages of self-acceptance and well-being.

While his flawless voice and insane talent are enough to draw anyone in, I think sometimes there’s something deeper at play when we’re instantly connected to someone or their art without yet seeing the details. Something our souls recognize in a way that our advanced state of consciousness will never allow us to truly understand.

Have you ever felt this way? And are there any artists that have helped you to feel more okay with just being you?

Am I getting too hocus pocus for you?! These are the things I think about…

In perusing Jason’s site for this post I found that he wrote a song called “What Would Love Do?” (video below) for a documentary called May I Be Frank about one man’s life transformation through changing the foods he puts in his mouth and the thoughts he puts in his head – it sounds AMAZING and I will be seeing it.

Jason ended his concert chanting “YOU ARE LOVED” over and over and over again. And you are.

Here’s that song for you:

Top image. Bottom image.  

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10 Responses to Jason Mraz & Listening to Your Soul…

  1. Brenna Gee says:

    I have been attracted to Jason Mraz and his beautiful way with words and life’s meanings for a long time. He used to have a blog that made me laugh out loud and expand spiritually – amazing combination. So cool to find a sensitive kindred spirit and fellow JM fan.

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