“Our safari was better than I could have ever imagined! The accommodations were amazing and breathtaking. The food was excellent. We saw so many animals I felt like we were in a National Geographic documentary. We also saw animals I didn’t know existed. Our tour guide Solomon was awesome! He was incredibly knowledgable, friendly, a great story teller and super accommodating to our needs. 

I really loved the idea of booking a trip where I knew my dietary needs would be taken care of and arranged for me. I also liked that Liz went on the safari and hand picked the company she decided to partner with. It made me feel at ease that she had already done the trip and could answer any questions we had. I loved how Liz took care of all of the details for us. The binder of travel tips and resources as well as the email reminders were very helpful. I loved that Liz was just an email or phone call away and always very responsive. I also loved that this is her personal business and it’s what she loves and that shows in all aspects of her services! 

Liz did an amazing job of taking the time to understand what we like and then making recommendations based on this information. I was also pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful gift basket we received prior to our trip as well as the bottle of wine waiting for us in our room when we arrived in Tanzania. It really was a wonderful touch that made us feel like Liz valued our business. 

What people should know about Liz’s services is that she loves what she does, so it absolutely shows in every aspect of her services. I really appreciated our initial call where she spent time getting to know me and my husband by asking very thoughtful questions that helped her understand us and what we were looking for in our safari trip. 

We have already recommended Liz’s services to our friends, families and co-workers! Liz rocks! I cannot thank her enough for the most amazing trip of our lives! I don’t know how any other trip could ever be as amazing as our safari. We look forward to booking another safari with Liz in the years to come.”

~ Andrea Marz  

“Everything about our safari was wonderful! We loved being guests in the animal’s world and seeing them in their natural habitat. Our safari guide could not have been any better. He was nice and knowledgeable and really great at understanding veganism and working with the hotels to make sure all our meals were wonderful. He was also good at finding the fine line between being part of our group but also giving us time to enjoy our honeymoon together. I hope others are lucky enough to go on a safari with Soloman!
We found Liz’s services while searching for vegan trips. We were delighted to find out there was someone who could take care of all of our concerns for us!
Liz made planning a safari extremely easy. She planned out everything so that we did not need to worry about where we were going, what we were eating, or when we had to be there. All we had to do was show up and it was all taken care of. People do not realize how many little costs are associated with a trip like this, and Liz took care of all the little details! And it was so nice to walk into our first lodge and see a great bottle of South African wine waiting for us. It definitely made our first day more special!
Liz absolutely did an amazing job of understanding all our needs, including our vegan food restrictions. We ate like royalty the whole time. I don’t think I have EVER eaten so much!
The most important thing people should know about Liz’s services is that she makes traveling easy. There are so many details that are just so hard to remember (like ordering the vegan meal on a flight). Liz takes care of everything and that is a comfort when you’re traveling to a country that is so different than the U.S.!”
~ Aaron Eisenberg


“Working with YTT was almost too easy. You know how planning a vacation takes over your whole life and might even prevent you from taking a vacation… With Liz’s services, I just had a phone conversation with her telling her what I was looking for and within a couple of days I had 3 itineraries to look at! I was able to take bits and pieces of every itinerary to create the best vacation for me.

YTT’s services were very personal. I really felt like all my concerns were addressed. When I have used other travel planning services, once they had my money I never heard from them again but that was far from the case with Your Time Travels. I got almost weekly calls and emails about my trip up to one day before leaving. It really enhanced my excitement having someone who was almost as ecstatic as I was about the trip.

I was pleasantly surprised by YTT’s personal touches. For example receiving a care package before I left for my trip as well as additional surprises once I was there.  I was also sent a very comprehensive list of everything I needed and everything I should expect so I felt very prepared for the trip and that is always a very good feeling when traveling to a new place.

YTT did a great job of making sure our vegan food restrictions were accommodated on our safari. At every stop we made the hotel/lodge/tent camp had food prepared for us. We ate such great meals, I am pretty sure other travelers were jealous of the food we were eating. Even our guide was prepared with tons of fresh fruit and veggies for us every day!

Of course I would recommend YTT’s services, our safari was amazing! I think it is important to realize that Your Time Travels cares about your trip almost as much as you do.”

~ Erica Kubersky, owner of MooShoes


Photo courtesy of William Ryal Gynan

“Our safari was amazing! Everyone keeps asking what was the best part and it is really hard to say since everything was great. However, if pushed I would have to say just the incredible diversity of the wild life we saw and the drastically different natures of each of the parks. Everything far surpassed my expectations! Africa is beyond beautiful and the amount of animal life you see while on safari is mind blowing. Also, the food was fantastic!

I really don’t know how it would have been possible to plan this trip without Liz. She found an amazing local tour service with a guide who went far beyond what most of the other guides were doing. She handled all the booking details, found amazing hotels/lodges/tented camps, organized the flights and travel insurance, and walked us through all the additional things we would have to do for the trip. And everything was fully customizable and luxurious. To achieve the same results I would have had to have done months of research and still wouldn’t have felt as comfortable and secure. Everything was well thought out and organized. And the travel book Liz prepared had everything we needed for the trip in it and more!

As a lawyer it is really hard for me to let go of micro-managing all the details of my trips. Liz totally understood that and was able to answer all my questions and work with me on planning the absolutely perfect 30th Birthday Surprise Safari.

The most important thing people should know is that Liz can really customize your trip and is willing to work with you to make it perfect. And thank God for the antibacterial lotion and the ph balancing gum she sent us!

I have already recommended Liz’s services to my friends, family and co-workers! What could be better than a customizable, luxurious, animal friendly trip planned with care, great knowledge, and attention to detail? Liz planned the perfect trip for us. Everything far surpassed our expectations and the result was an incredible adventure that we will always remember!”

Alyson Decker, Esq. (photo courtesy of William Ryal Gynan)


“I contacted Your Time Travels because I thought it would be nice to work with a woman who understood my priorities and my point of view, and I wanted to support a business that supports efforts to make our world a better place. What I found at Your Time Travels was a thoroughly dedicated professional who was always helpful (not to mention cheerful!) as I worked through the many questions and changes involved in planning my trip. Liz plunged in and followed through with everything. Her care and her attention to detail allowed me to relax and make the most of my travels.

With Your Time Travels, you will receive gracious, personalized travel assistance from the time you make your first inquiry all the way through to your safe return. And you are likely to have the travel experience of a lifetime!

I would absolutely recommend Your Time Travels to my friends, families and co-workers. Thank you for everything you do, Liz.”

~ Deborah C.Z. Hirsch


“Our safari was amazing, we enjoyed seeing all of the animals! Our safari guide was very knowledgeable, he knew the names of all of the animals, he was friendly and he taught us some swahili. With Liz’s services we didn’t have to do any of the planning, so I guess it can’t get much easier than that! She also sent helpful emails before our trip and a binder about what to expect, how to tip, etc. Liz’s services made the trip easier, she was really invested in making sure we had a good time!” 

~ Ben & Gina


“When I decided that I wanted my trip to be meaningful, I didn’t know where to start. Liz took the time to learn about my interests and came back to me with an itinerary that encompassed everything we discussed and so much more. Her recommendations were incredibly thoughtful, meticulously detailed, and most importantly — animal inspired. Along with each specific suggestion excursion she provided a clear justification for how each potential activity was vetted. She put together an incredible combination of exploration, education, and relaxation, never losing sight of the fact that this was still ultimately my vacation. I am so grateful for her guidance!” 

~ Tessa Young



Maria SchwarzmannOur safari was absolutely amazing, there was nothing that we didn’t enjoy. Of course we loved seeing so many wild animals, like the family of 50 elephants and lions on the hunt. We also really enjoyed the lodges that were picked out for us. The trip was so well planned, we had enough time to acclimatise, a great time on the safari and it was also nice to relax a couple of days on the gorgeous beach of Zanzibar.

We LOVE Camillus, our safari guide. He is one of the smartest, kindest people we have ever met. There was not a single flower or animal he couldn’t name and he discovers animals from hundreds of meters away. We could tell, that being a safari guide is not only his job, but his passion. He got just as excited as we did when we spotted a leopard or a cheetah. He took really good care of us, especially concerning our special vegan requirements. He always talked to the chef, to prepare us something we would like to eat. Camillus even took us to the fruitmarket in Karatu and made a fruit salad for lunch on the hood of the car. It was so much fun. He is a very down to earth guy, who teaches you a lot about life in Tanzania. We are definitely staying in touch with him.

The whole trip went very smoothly, there was not a single minute that we had to wait for something. We were picked up on time and everything was sorted out for us from the beginning onwards. We really loved the fact that it was “custom made” for us and all our wishes were included, from the choice of the lodges to the itinerary and the food. You did a perfect job of understanding our needs, everything was just like we wanted it to be. The whole trip could not have been more smooth, even with being vegan.

We tell everyone “If you are looking for the perfect safari, go with Liz”. The experience was so much more than a vacation. We were surprised how well we were taken care of, how truly nice the people in Tanzania are (we loved meeting up with Benjamin and Immaculate!) and how gorgeous the food is!

Thank you so much Liz, Benjamin, Immaculate and Camillus, for making our Honeymoon so very special. We sincerely hope to be able to visit Tanzania very soon again.”

~ Maria & Stefan Schwarzmann