Writing Portfolio

 Elizabeth’s Writing Portfolio

Below is some of the writing I’ve done with links to each article.

I am available for freelance writing assignments and can be reached at liz@gentlelivingonline.com.  




Published Pieces

Advancing Science While Protecting Developing Countries from Exploitation of Their Resources and Knowledge, Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal


Personal Development Blogs

The Art of Being a Healer: Sensitivity, Tragedy & Beyond
25 Self-Care Tips for the Body & Soul

My Love Story (& everything I know about love…)
5 Keys to Breaking Bad Relationship Patterns 

9 Actions to Take When You’re Feeling Nervous & Insecure
How to Use Gentleness as Your Strength
The Privilege of Parenthood
Nourishing Your Inner Introvert in an Extroverted World 
11 Powerful Ways to Protect Your Sensitivity
19 Positive Affirmations to Transform Your Self-Confidence
Knocking Down Mental Roadblocks & Achieving Your Dreams
How to Stop Fear from Holding You Back

Learning from Death. Dealing with Loss.
5 Steps to Get Out of a Funk 
5 Steps to Awaken Your Purpose and Fulfill Your Destiny


Travel Blogs

What is Voluntourism Really About? & 5 Reasons Why It’s WAY COOLER than Just Siting on a Beach All Day
How to Get Over Jet Lag (the healthy way)
Cruises for Wildlife Lovers: Expedition Style
Top 15 Tanzania Safari Photos
Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda and Uganda
Quick Tips for a Successful Volunteer Abroad Experience

7 Places to Volunteer in South America for Animal and Nature Lovers
Traveling Alone
The Most Exciting Thing to Do in Argentina
Top Free Must Have Travel Apps
6 Travel Photography Tips


Pet/Animal Blogs

No Dog is Bad. Raising Cujo.
The Youngest of Heroes
For the Love of Elephants… The Eyes of Thailand
A Horse Whisperer that Touched My Soul



Ane Axford and the Trait of High Sensitivity
How Lisa Consiglio-Ryan Can Renew Your Health this Spring
How Hannah Marcotti Brings You Joy
How Sue Ann Gleason Helps Women Learn the Real Secrets to Being “Well-Nourished”
Jodi Chapman & The Coming Back to Life E-Course


Guest Posts

Nourishing Your Inner Introvert [Crazy Sexy Life]
Shy Girl’s Manifesto [Crazy Sexy Life]

Find Your Purpose by Following Your Heart [Crazy Sexy Life]
Showing Kindness to Your Shy Sensitive Soul [Kind Over Matter]

How I Stopped Obsessing Over the Scale [Mind Body Green]